All About Delivery

In today’s business world, it’s critical for companies to have the right people in the right positions. Edgewater Professional Services fosters a robust talent pipeline to help organizations source, manage and grow their teams. In the ebbs and flows of the job market, we support our clients by focusing on identifying and developing our talent for every stage of your contract lifecycle.

In and out of IT, it is essential that your organization performs strategically and has access to quality talent. We find highly motivated employees with deep expertise that will help you provide innovative business solutions in a way that is unique to your operation and mission. Our goal is to become more than just your business partner, we want to make your life easier when it comes to hiring talent for your contract needs.

Our Process

Phase I: Discovery

Phase II: Communication

Phase III: Processes & Procedures

Phase IV: Employee Retention

Phase V: Client Engagement

Why Edgewater

Federal Expertise

Our success is based on deep institutional knowledge of federal entities. Working under a broad range of contract vehicles, we’ve successfully secured three-letter agencies again and again.

Innovative Approach

We stay on the leading edge of technology so that we can deliver top-of-the-line solutions that best meet client needs. We hold certifications in the latest versions of nearly all common federal technologies.

Industry-Leading Team

Our team is the best in the industry because we prioritize our people. The majority of our team members have advanced certifications in their specialties.

Let Us Connect You With a Team Member That Can Deliver a Solution That Meets Your Business Needs.